Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Night Out

Last Friday night our dear friends Susan and Jeremiah were playing at a local coffee shop in town called True North.  We made it a family date night to go see them.  Sweet Noah was there too.  I could just eat him up every time I see him!  So precious. 


After the show…

Trevin loved the music so much that he kept listening through the window :)

047 049


Proof that Madox was there.  He was in a non-picture taking mood.


I’m very thankful for good friends!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Madox’s First Haircut

In my opinion Madox had the best infant hair of all the boys.  Oh.Sweet.Curls.  It took me forever to build up the courage to cut them, but his daddy was tired of  “oh what a pretty little girl!”  Seriously people….he’s wearing a blue polo and khaki shorts.  He did great. Me not so much.  I regretted it the minute they were gone, but I’ve grown to love his little boy look.  Trevin was our photographer for the event.  He didn’t do so bad! 

Melt my heart curls…

084 to handsome big boy!


He sat fairly still.  Mostly played with my phone and chewed on a comb.  I know….gross.  But it was either that or take the chance of being accidentally stabbed with scissors.  The comb won the battle.  I was afraid the curls wouldn’t come back once cut off, but good news!  First off…this post is a little late (surprise surprise) and his hair grows fast.  There’s a lot of volume and wave to his hair.  And the other day a sweet curl was happening in the back.  =)



Hope you had a happy Monday!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Catching Up

Since I’ve been gone for so long here’s a post of some things that have gone on!

Cooper turned 4!  Oh how time flies.  He’s such a boy, yet so sweet.  The way he smiles and tells me he loves me just melts my heart!  For his birthday we did  a simple crab swimming party.  Instead of cake we made ice cream sundaes.  It was perfect! 




Kinley is Cooper’s love.  They’re going to be in preschool together this fall.  My sister is their teacher.  Bless.her.soul.  We can’t go anywhere without Cooper asking “Is Kinley going to be there?”  If I say no:  “Well, invite her then.” At least we like her parents ;)

cbday19 cbday20

Birthday morning waffles and a surprise! (Notice his missing chunk of hair?  Yep, he cut it.)

cbday21 cbday22

My good friend Susan adopted the most adorable cuddly boy last November.  Sweet Sweet Noah.  We were so blessed to be a part of his special dedication day! And honored that she asked me to take pictures!


noahdedication05 noahdedication07

Trevin went to basketball camp.  After a  rough first day, he had a good time.  He even ended up winning the obstacle course!  (I just love his freckles  sprinkles).


And we had a date night with friends.  Susan is always talking about a restaurant an hour from Mena called Little Italy.  She says its the best so we, the Brewer’s, and Hall’s loaded up to go eat.  It was delish! The best part:  dessert.  An ice cream ball covered with gooey goodness.  We’ll definitely be going back!



Madox had a good time too.  It was his first time staying with a babysitter other than when I’m at work.  Let’s just say she’s awesome.  Madox thinks so too.  He got a popsicle and mohawk.  What could be better?!  He was asleep before we even left her driveway so I’m sure a lot of playtime was involved.



Sunday, July 10, 2011

Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Ok-so for the probably 2 people that read my blog.....I know I've been gone forever.  It's so hard to find the time to sit and blog!  I love to do it and I want to record everything about the boys, so bear with me...we're gonna try it again.

Baseball season is our FAVE time of the year.

We got to spend alot of time there this season….4 nights a week!  Trevin was in his last year of coach pitch.  He’s a little terrified to move to machine pitch.  I’m super excited because they’ll keep score!  I’m the crazy cheering mama when it comes to sports.  Cooper will have one more year of tball.  The boys LOVE baseball.  They will practice during the day, have a ballgame, then want to practice after their games!   Here are the pics from the season.

020 copy

031 copy  056 copy

062 copy

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