Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

4 Months and a Surprise


Madox is now 4 months old.  He is wearing size 2 diapers and wears 3-6 month clothing.  He loves to sit in his bumbo chair, being held =), being talked to, and watching his brothers play.  He has recently discovered his hands.  I find them raised in the air with his eyes staring at them.   He hates being in his car seat and being on his back.   He is still sleeping in our room.  He had his first taste of formula.  (I was secretly jumping for joy when he hated it!)  I planned on nursing him for 8 months like I did Cooper, but “Mama can’t produce enough!”  He will have formula during the day while I’m at school and I will continue nursing him at night as long as my body cooperates.                                                     


Trevin and Cooper wanted in on some of the action!

Continuing on….In honor of Ty’s 30th birthday, I threw him a surprise party.  Surprisingly, I pulled it off.  He had no clue until we walked into the restaurant!  His invitations turned out great….however I deleted them from my computer after I had them printed so Ty wouldn’t see them.  =(

tybday   tybday00

 tybday02   tybday01


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How Cooper Watches Fireworks




Shelley’s Maternity Pictures

I had the privilege of taking some maternity pictures for Trevin’s preschool teacher (his first year) yesterday.  I LOVE how they turned out.  A big thanks to Kristy for letting me borrow her awesome red chair.  I’m in love with it!  Here are some of my favorites:


SG08     SG26

Big sister Laney:

SG16SG28  SG32 


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cooper’s 3 year pictures

I’ve made it a goal to only take pictures in manual mode.  That’s right….I’m stepping away from automatic!  The goal was to “practice” before taking pictures that would really matter.  But, I’m a slacker.   I took it upon myself to take Cooper’s 3 year pictures in manual mode.  And, I think they turned out pretty good!  (If you disagree…..please don’t tell me.  Let my head stay big a little longer.  ha!)


Coop01 copy          Coop02

Showing me that he’s 3!

 I'm 3!

coop03          Coop05

coop07          coop09


coop14             coop15


coop16 There ya go!  My first manual photoshoot.