Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Names...Check

We have names! After MUCH debate with my husband, we have a boy name and a girl name. You'll have to wait until March though! Let's face it people.
I'm. Stingy.
With that being said, we'll just call this baby "Baby M". Don't cry! I'm giving you a hint.
They each start with the letter "M".

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10 Weeks and an Ultrasound

So here I am at 10 weeks. WOW! Didn't realize how much of a bump I had until I saw this picture! I'm not one to stress about my weight. EVER. I don't exercise nor do I eat healthy. Pathetic I know. But it was kind of nice to slip back into my jeans the day coming home from the hospital with Trevin. Don't see that happening with this baby! I have started craving sweet baby pickles, cheese and crackers, and hard candy. Don't let the pickles fool you.....I'm not the pregnant one who eats the weird mixtures of food. I still like normal things, just when I get a craving........look out! I won't stop til I get it. My wonderful hubs has made MANY midnight trips to the store for me. Such a sweet man!
And here's our little bundle of joy! Amazing how you still get butterflies seeing your 3rd child for the first time just like the first. Being a mother is amazing. Of course after 2 boys we would love a girl. But you know.......we will be SO thankful for a healthy baby. So many babies have problems, and others have trouble conceiving. I feel blessed that God has chosen this special baby to be a part of our family. The heartrate was a strong 180 beats per minute and the munchkin is around an inch long!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day Drama

The first day of school started GREAT! Trevin was excited to start preschool, and I was excited to be able to take him even though I teach at a school 20 miles down the road. (Awesome principal!) Of course I was snapping pictures left and right of my handsome preschooler. I left the school and headed to meet all of my new 2nd graders. As I arrived, I was rushing in and being the clumsy preggo person that I am.......BAM! I fell walking up the stairs. (Quite embarrassing, I know.) I cringed through the pain but hurried on my way to class. Well, the more I walked on my foot, the worse it got. By lunch, I couldn't stand on it. My principal used to be a coach, so he came and checked it out. I was instructed to go have some x-rays taken. The rest is history. I'm now a crippled teacher with a sprained ankle and crutches. AND IN A LOT OF PAIN :( Anyways....Here's Trevin outside of his classroom.
Couldn't let the morning slip by without a picture with my little man!

Working at his table.
With his teacher, Mrs. House. (AKA Aunt Bri Bri!)

My sweet neice, Jayden. She started kindergarten today.

As for me....Well, I'll be taking it easy with my foot propped up and as much pain meds as I'm allowed to take.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

For those who don't know......

Baby #3 will be here the end of March! We are so excited. Children are such a blessing and we are so grateful! Let's see....I gained 28 pounds with Trevin and over 50 with Cooper. Hoping the pattern stops here! Although I already have a small bump. =) Lots of morning sickness ALL DAY. I had that with Trevin, but it was because of prenatal vitamins. I'm not taking any because they give me kidney stones. Hope it doesn't last long!