Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Best Friend (and Mama’s) Wedding

My parents were divorced a couple of years ago.  My dad has since been remarried and now it’s my mama’s turn! She has a WONDERFUL man who treats her like the princess she is.  Seriously….he’s REALLY good to her.  Which is a good thing or he’d probably have his 3 son in laws beat him up!  Ha! They had a small wedding and today they headed off on a 2 week Alaskan Cruise.  I’m so happy for them! (And a wee bit jealous! HA!) Here’s the beautiful bride! Seriously….she looks so young!  Maybe it’ll run in the family. =)


My Uncle Jimmy from Texas walked her down the aisle.  I  must add:  Cooper REALLY wanted to walk her down too.  Melt. My. Heart.  Doesn’t she look so happy?!

wedding09     wedding11

The happy couple!


Isn’t my sister just precious?  She makes me sick =)


I have to say… mom has some of the best friends in the world. 

wedding118   wedding84



Congratulations Mom and Curt!  We love you both dearly!



Kristy said...

Beautiful!! Congratulations to them! And I'm a little jealous of that cruise too!!
AND- Kim looks like a dang MODEL. *Kinda* makes me hate her a little! Haha! Nah, that's just the envy of her being so tan and skinny talking! ;)

Rachae and Janelle said...

Ahh, she looks lovely!

Heather said...

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